Digital Paint

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Carles de Miguel dijo...

Jau Donato!

Buenas imágenes, ya veo que son de varios acabo de entender algo...Me imagino que la chica de piedra es tu compañera, la niña de abajo vuestra hija, pero entonces el de arriba, ese no eres tú a menos que te hayas afeitado el coco, que también pudiera ser!.

Un abrazo ,photopainter!


donato fierro perez dijo...

Ha ha. Gracias Carlos por tus alabanzas!

Victor Valle dijo...

Donato! Beautiful blog! I loved it!

Let me ask you something. I have a RPG book under development, an indie project without profitable purposes.

There is an ilustration of yours (Danna Pietra) that we loved so much. It would be a perfect piece to illustrate a Magnet Rock Field on our Fantasy Book.

In part of the book we describe this place where the rocks have some kind of mineral mixed within which makes rocks fluctuate. So that's the explanation of why the islands and mountains fly in that territory.

What do you think if I use that illustration in my book and give you the credits as artist? Can we make such partinership?

Wait your response :D